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Turtle Pendant Necklace & Drop Earrings Set

Turtle Pendant Necklace & Drop Earrings Set

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Turtles are straggling in their first year. Want to help, read more about our mission bellow:

Not long ago my wife and I spent some time in Sri Lanka. It was an incredible trip full of amazing memories, but the most special by far was the Turtle Hatchery in Bentota. 

We learned so much; some good, some bad. Did you know that a turtle will lay about a hundred and fifty eggs, bury them in the sand, then leave them forever as it returns to the ocean? Without a parent, the baby turtles have no protection; they’re especially vulnerable to natural predators such as eagles and are barely strong enough to reach the ocean by themselves. Their chances of survival are very slim. In fact just ten percent of them survive after their first year. 

This is where the hatchery and their incredible team comes in. Volunteers pay local fishermen to find the eggs and bring them to the hatchery center where they are kept in a safe environment until they are strong enough to stand a chance out in the dangerous ocean. 

Of course, this work comes with challenges. Turtle eggs aren’t cheap; they’re about 25 cents each, equating to two hundred Rupees. Multiply this by a hundred and fifty for each lot of eggs, and saving these turtles starts to get expensive. 

My wife and I wanted to support their efforts in whatever way we could, so we bought just about every souvenir they had in the gift shop. In return they offered us the unique experience of releasing a turtle back into the ocean. My wife is pregnant with twins so they gave her two. Then at 6:30pm sharp, we went down to the beach to set them free. It’s hard to put into words how wonderful this felt; the satisfaction seeing the first wave caring them into the ocean was so intense, my wife was crying with joy. 

The experience left us both profoundly moved, and so we decided to use our website and social media reach to promote turtle related products, donating one dollar from each sale to the Turtle Hatchery in Bentota. Every purchase supports their efforts in acquiring more eggs and gives turtles a better chance as they start their journey stronger towards the ocean that will be their home. 

The feeling our time at the hatchery left us with was nothing short of spectacular. 
And with this awesome necklace and earnings set we would like to pass on the same amazing feeling to you as well. Get yours today. 


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